Friday, February 5, 2010

Radiohead Light

Thousands of pre-teen girls around the world ban Radiohead for hating on Hannah Montana

The above pic was from a made-for-tv Incredible Hulk movie from when I was a kid. A while back, they made a slightly better movie where they somehow convinced Jennifer Connelly to be the Hulk's girlfriend, Betty Ross. Last year or so they made another Hulk movie, this time getting Liv Tyler to play Betty. Liv Tyler used to be with this guy named Royston Langdon who I suspect was teased a lot by Liv's dad. They aren't together any more. That's really only Langdon's claim to fame, besides being in this band that put out this one song that was on MTV for a minute in the mid-nineties. The song is called "In the Meantime", but it's not the song by Helmet. It's by Spacehog. The Incredible Hulk was on at the same time as the Dukes of Hazard, which I loved, so I didn't watch the hulk that often.

In the Meantime

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