Sunday, November 15, 2009

Psychosomatic Addict Insane

Remember this song? Of course you do.
Back in '97, when electronic music had managed to gain a tentative foothold as a legit part of the mainstream, the Prodigy ranked high on the list of techno A-listers. They had been huge since the early nineties in England, but it wasn't until 1996, and their single for "Firestarter", that they exploded onto MTV and alternative radio here in the U.S. Although "Firestarter" was a delicious slab of noise, "Breathe" was in my opinion a superior track, and one of the genre's best works. From the warbly bass, Spy Hunter-ish melody and chopped breakbeats, to the kung-fu samples and snarling vocal delivery, this song has it. Give it another listen for old time's sake, try not to let the walls melt on you, and remember to breathe.